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Executive Summary

Founded in Free State, South Africa in January 2012, Falcon Security Solutions aims to provide a full security solution to individuals and business/schools and communities. Built on the premise that security and safety in our country is in a downward spiral,

 Falcon Security Solutions strives to be a major contributing factor in correcting this trend. We have a big vision of being the most admired and market leader in provision of total security solutions. Starting with small communities,

 Falcon Security Solutions promises to deliver an unparalleled service which will lead us to achieving this goal.

Our staff is highly trained and skilled in ensuring the protection of our clients, their families and  assets.

 We know that our staff represent our company on a daily basis and our code of ethic, company policies and procedures will ensure that they are presentable, efficient and at all times ready to serve our clients. Within legal requirements, our employees will go to all lengths to protect and serve our clients and their communities.

 Falcon Security Solutions offers a wide range of security solutions for homes, businesses and individuals. We pride ourselves in providing a premium service, executed at the highest levels.

Armed Response Services

At Falcon Security Solutions we understand that holistic security solutions contribute towards the mitigation of risk. We therefore undertake to provide our clients with turnkey integrated solutions of the highest quality. Solutions that are designed to minimise risk whilst effectively enhancing operational productivity..


We offers clients remotely monitored electronic security components, either as a first, second or third tier mechanism through Localised Control Room (LCR) facilities within each Region. Integration with disaster, recovery and emergency planning facilities are also provided for through our LCR’s.


In an emergency, you can be sure that should the need arise for reaction or assistance FALCON will be always there and key to an efficient and effective Armed Response service is our personnel, their training, our call centers and our vehicles. Are one  of the highest caliber and quality.

Falcon guarantees dedicated Armed Response 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and also offers a range of related services. These include a rendezvous service to accompany residents safely to their front door, special attention calls for those alone at home, house visits and check patrols during family holidays, and a full 24/7 paramedic back-up  assistance as a free additional service for all Falcon clients.


All of these benefits and services apply for both business and residential customers.

   Vision Statement

Falcon Guarding Services

Falcon Security Guarding Services is a national provider of preferred PSIRA-registered security personnel. With branches in the Eastern Free State, we are fast becoming a household name in the guarding industry. Latest officer-monitoring , access control and surveillance technologies are applied to ensure 24-hour accountability, integrity and the fulfilment of our promises to our clients across a wide range of industries.

Guarding solutions are designed to client specifications through a thorough security needs assessment by a qualified Red Alert assessor. Performance summaries are available for the client’s consideration on a daily basis.

Our tailor-made security solutions include:

•Manned guarding
•Access control
•SuperGuard (Live guard satellite monitoring)
•Biometric access/egress technology
•Corporate investigation services
•General investigations (internal and external)
•Covert operations
•Risk consultation
•Truth verification and lie-detection services
•Pre-employment testing
•Integrity testing

Professionally trained Residential and Commercial Guards are available on a permanent or temporary basis

All guards have the backing of Falcon 24/7 Armed Response service.

  • To serve and protect the client, the client’s premises, the community and surrounding areas.
  •  To have all the necessary equipment available and issued to assist clients the first time.
  • To provide security services to corporate, commercial, retail and industrial clients
  •  We provide financial support to our employees to improve productivity and Client service
  • We contribute by improving the reputations and dependability of the security industry in South Africa.
   Goals And Objectives
  • Integrity, trustworthiness, and professionalism are words that are vital to delivering a service required by all that seek our service
  •  Our company is committed to improving and advancing the service delivery of all those employed within this trade. We have completed a       structural plan that guides us towards achieving our aims
  •  All those operatives that represent our company are given detailed briefings that set out our expectations and standards.